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Rotwein La Palmera 12 Bottle-Box - Gratis Versand

Preis: 59.40 €

Envio Nacional Gratis

Type: Red Oak
Brand: La Palmera
Producer: Bodegas La Palmera
Variety: Listan negro y Castellana
Bottle: 75 cl.

Elaboration: The Listan Negro and Castellana grapes mixing defines these wines traditional maceration and direct pressed. It’s standed out for the tasty flavour, dry and harmonic wine.

La Palmera Wineries:





La Palmera Farm is situated in The Natural Place knowing as “El Salto del Gato”, in the municipality of “El Sauzal”, with the current Denomination of Origin “Tacoronte-Acentejo” in the north of Tenerife island. That is one of the most quality wine’s areas because of deep and ancient soils and lightly sloping positioned to the west. The summer’s mild weather with the long and luminous night falls of the zone, are esteemed for the right grape’s ripening.

La Palmera has 3 hectares of cultivated vineyard situated at 300 m above sea level. Fertile soils of volcanic origin nourish the vines, red colour and riches in organic matter, with scarce lime proportion and abundant in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The light breeze of the trade winds, scarce rains and special climatic conditions have given rise to a variety of wines of recognised quality, difficult to reproduce in any other place. 

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