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Kanarische Weihnachten Körbe Guanche

Preis: 75.95 €

Cesta Canaria Navidad Guanche
1. Fruity White Wine Brumas de Ayosa
2. Cava Brumas de Ayosa Brut Nature 
3. Arehucas Gold Rum
4. Artisan Honey Rum Guaijro 0,7 l
5. Benijos Cheese Medium Somked 0,5 Kg 
6. Almogrote Gourmet Argodey 200 g
7. Green Mojo Gourmet Argodey 200 g 
8. Red Spicy Mojo Gourmet Argodey 200 g 
9. Cilanter Mojo Gourmet Argodey 200 g
10. Pure Canary Aloe Vera Drink Extract  300 ml 
11. Pure Canary Aloe Vera Gel External  300 ml 
12. Cactus Canary Jam 200 g. 
13. Figs Canary Jam 200 g. 
14. Bienmesabe Argodey 200 g 
15. Canary Nut Caprice 125 g.
16. Gomera Biscuit Box 400 g.
17. Meringues Tray 65 g.
18. Guacamole Argodey 200 g.
19. Security Box or Christmas box

A selection of the best products made in the Canary Islands, Canary artisan products of the highest quality, such as:

One of the most successful Spain Cava owner of Silver Bacchus International, Silver Award, the Silver Medal at The International Wine Fair. A great fruity white Wine D.O. Güimar owns of the Gold Adwards and Gold Bacchus among many other distinctions. An artisan Honey Rum, Canary Islands the birthplace of rum, from where was departed in 1513 the first candy canes who were planted in America. Canary Gold Rum 5 years old.

An Benijos Cheese, Gold World Medal 2011 in the Cheese Adwards. Two handcraft fruit Jams that renders it meaningless. Our best Almogrote made with fresh products, Guacamole and the Canarian Mojos most significant of our cuisine, the Red Spicy Mojo, Cilanter Mojo & Green Mojo.

Sweet canary artisans, Gomera Biscuits box and delicious Meringues. Canary Caprice with nuts, milk, figs, figs spikes, honey and cocoa coated that surprise your palate.

Craftsman Bienmesabe with rich almonds, one of our most cherished desserts and our Canary Aloe, extract drinkable and Gel for external use, the best world Aloe, scientifically proven in the laboratory, and your great ally against the excesses of Christmas and for your best presence.

Presentation: Security box or Christmas box.

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