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Weißwein Viña Zanata

Preis: 5.25 €

Type: White
Brand: Viña Zanata
Producer: Bodegas Viña La Guancha 
Volume bottle:
75 cl. 
Area: Ycoden-Daute-Isora
Region: Canary Islands

Tasting: bright yellow with green tones. Floral aromas with tropical fruit remember, fresh, with a high intensity. To taste: a fruity wine, balanced acidity with a step-mouth round and very intense, with memories of fruit.

Bodegas Viña La Guancha: Founded in 1893, in La Guancha Vine Winery, its owner, Carlos Perez Perez, handles combine tradition, research and technology in developing their wines marketed under the brand Vine Zanata which has already gained recognition within and outside the Islands. This winery is familiar, it maintained the traditions in qualitative aspects and has a modern, mechanized and equipped with tanks, cooling equipment, bottlers, etiquetadota, filters, etc.., All in favor of quality. It was established in the same place where it was founded, is a manor house with a 500 year old who has two beautiful courtyards canaries in the growing lush ferns and palms and where the wine is made without haste, under the thick walls and years. The name of the winery has taken the village in which it is located, La Guancha in northwestern island of Tenerife and the slope of the volcano Teide (3,718 metres). Given the interest of ownership by organic production methods, practices undertaken are aimed at reducing the chemical treatments.

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